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Acquisition of Cussons Technology’s Marine Hydrodynamics business


We have acquired the Marine Hydrodynamics division of Manchester-based Cussons Technology, after it was placed in to administration on 17 October 2019. read more ›

Innovation Award recognises cutting-edge ARC-Boat


Simon Tiedeman, Business Manager (left) and Peter Watchorn, Senior Surveyor (right) receive the award for Established Innovation from Iain Gray, Business and Growth Partnership Manager at MSC R&D. Picture: Sam & Steve Photography read more ›

ARC-Boat to help the Environment Agency prepare for flooding


HR Wallingford has delivered ARC-Boat number 50 to the Environment Agency, helping them to issue quicker and more accurate flood warning information to local communities.  read more ›

Enabling a rapid response to flood defence breach


At Seal Sands in Teesside, the ARC-Boat was used to survey an 80 m breach in a flood defence embankmentStorms around the UK in December 2013 caused significant damage to a number of coastal structures. Among these were flood defence embankments in Teesside and Lincolnshire. ARC-Boats, innovative remote control survey boats produced by HR Wallingford, were deployed by the Environment Agency at both locations to assess the extent of the damage to these structures. They were used to rapidly provide data that could inform their plans for remedial action. read more ›

Big scanning on a small scale


A breakwater physical model in a wave basinUnderstanding the way waves, currents and sediments interact with coastal structures, and the potential impact they can have, is far from simple. 3D laser scanners are helping coastal engineering specialists at HR Wallingford improve the design of such structures. read more ›

Remote control boat speeds reservoir surveys


ARC-Boat for reservoirsAs the regulatory requirement to assess reservoirs and lakes expands to include smaller bodies of water, HR Wallingford, in collaboration with the Environment Agency, has developed the ARC-Boat, a remote control boat which is able to collect hydrometric data quickly, simply, safely and accurately.  read more ›