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Overall length: 1.33 m
Length without bow: 0.98 m
Draft (with skids): 0.22 m
Beam: 0.55 m
Sensor deployment depth: 0.07 m

Total unladen weight: 15.9 kg
Total unladen weight with batteries: 16.9 kg
Largest sensor fitted: 7.6 kg

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ARCboat Lite Product number: HRRB-0086

The ARCboat Lite has evolved from our award-winning ARCboat. This new, smaller lighter solution shares many of the features of the original vessel, but we have optimised it to carry out bathymetric and river current surveys in lower flow environments.

With a robust, lightweight hull, the ARCboat Lite has been specifically designed for use by a single person. Its detachable bow and grab rails make it easy and safe to handle, deploy and recover from survey sites. 

High manoeuvrability and shallow draft combine to allow the ARCboat Lite to reach more of a survey site than has been previously possible. 

The ARCboat Lite is built around a central moon-tube, which not only provides strength at the core of the vessel, but can also accommodate a wide range of sensors, such as SBES and ADCP, from a wide range of manufacturers. Other survey instrumentation, such as the top-box and communications equipment, is housed in the purpose designed hull recess. 

The ARCboat Lite is an highly effective alternative to larger, more expensive survey vessels.

For more information on the ARCboat Lite, download the product brochure.

Key features

  • Light - weighs just 15.9 kg
  • Easy to transport - just 1.3 m long, with a detachable bow
  • Clean and quiet - powered by electric motors
  • Fast - top speed of over 3 m/s
  • Efficient - continuous operation of up to four hours
  • Safe - easy deployment and operation by a single person
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