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Length without detachable bow: 1.20 m
Overall length: 1.95 m
Draft: 0.18 m
Beam: 0.72 m
Draft (inc. skids): 0.22 m
Deployment depth of ADCP: 0.12 m

Dry weight
Main hull, deck, propulsion system and electronics: 25.6 kg
Detachable bow: 4.2 kg
Total unladen weight: 29.8 kg
Total unladen weight with batteries: 37.2 kg
Largest ADCP fitted: 7.6 kg
Total weight: 44.8 kg

Autonomous capability developed by Dynautics

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ARC-Boat Product number: HRRB-0085

The ARC-Boat is a remote controlled boat that is used to collect river and estuarine data including flow, depth and suspended sediment concentrations. It was developed in partnership with end-users and perfected to meet their exact needs. The boat can carry a variety of Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP) and other instruments when required.

HR Wallingford provides outstanding customer support throughout the ownership of an ARC-Boat, from delivery to ongoing training and support. 

For more information on the ARC-Boat, download the product brochure.

Dynautics logoAutonomous capability developed by Dynautics.

Key features

  • can carry a variety of ADCPs and other instruments
  • high quality data collection with minimal underhull air entrainment
  • robust and reliable design
  • excellent manoeuvrability
  • designed with operator safety in mind
  • lightweight and easy to transport
  • unique detachable bow
  • can also be used to measure environmental conditions in lakes
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