Bed profiler

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Max beam spans 6m (x-axis) and 6m (y-axis)
Horizontal travel Beam length less 200mm (to allow for carriage and end stops)
Beam deflection 0.5mm with 4m support centres
Horizontal velocity Up to 50mm/s
Vertical velocity Up to 25mm/s
Horizontal resolution ±0.5mm
Vertical resolution ±0.5mm

Touch probe: bed contact pressure 10g over 20mm diameter
Laser probe: maintained height above bed 80 mm
Vertical travel 1m
Power supply 220 or 110V AC
Standard cable length 25m

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Bed profiling system Product number: HRBP-1070

The bed profiling system is the result of much development work by HR Wallingford to meet the exacting requirements of hydraulic modellers and to ensure a high degree of reliability. The system is used to assess the effect flowing water has on mobile sediment beds. It is available with a choice of probes to suit a wide range of applications.

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Key features

  • utilises our traverse system to position the profiler in a 2D or 3D environment
  • operates both with and without water present
  • choice of laser or touch-sensitive probes
  • accuracy of ±0.5mm vertically and horizontally
  • positive non-slip drives
  • data stored in ASCII format
  • easy to install
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