Force measurement instruments

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Strain gauge
Full scale force - Mooring line: 0 - 5N
Full scale force - Fender: 0 - 5N
Corresponding deflection: 20mm
Voltage range: 0 - 5V DC
Dimensions: 180 x 50 x 40mm
Mounting arrangement for mooring line: 12mm dia rod with adjustable base clamp
Mounting arrangement for fender: Flat fixing plate for assembly to dolphin support
Integral cable: 1m

Signal conditioning unit and power supply
Controller unit: 8 or 16 channel controller units available
Voltage: 220V AC / 110V AC
Extension cable to controller unit: 30m - other lengths available on request
Controller unit data communications: USB 2.0 and 15 pin D Connector ports for data transfer

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Force measurement system Product number: HRMS-0093

Our force measurement system models the forces on ship mooring lines and fenders in a variety of sea states.

The simplicity of operation together with bespoke data analysis software make these devices the ideal choice for all physical modelling requirements.

Our force measurement system includes:

Note that users can purchase fender force transducers and mooring line transducers individually.

Key features

  • Options for ship fender and mooring line applications
  • Range of springs supplied for mooring lines to give non linear responses
  • Strain gauge range 0-5N
  • Simple to install and operate
  • Made from corrosion resistant materials
  • Operates with HR DAQ
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