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Number of paddles: unlimited

Sea states available:
Derbyshire coastal and ocean
International towing tank congress (ITTC)
Top Hat (Pink Noise)

Sea states may be defined by:
Wind speed
Wave height
Spectral density

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HR Merlin Product number: HRSW-1068

HR Merlin (previously known as HR Wavemaker) is an advanced software package designed to simulate a variety of sea states for both single and multi-element wavemakers. It can generate regular and irregular waves and can also produce compensation for set down or very long period infra-gravity waves.
HR Merlin runs under Windows 7 and is supplied with a security dongle and comprehensive user documentation.

  • Irregular waves generated using the white noise method
  • Sea states available: solitary waves, bi-directional waves, focused waves, sea states created off-line, regular waves
  • HR Merlin
  • Digital control
  • Active Wave Absorption
  • Online calibration
  • Real-time monitoring of paddle performance
  • Remote support

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Key features

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