Towing carriages

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Towing carriages Product number: C102-137

Our towing carriages are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

From small educational carriages for use in University laboratories through to high speed towing carriages for ship design evaluation research, we have even supplied Manoeuvring Basin CPMC carriages with integrated sub-carriage for model tracking and captive model sea keeping tests. We have built carriages ranging from 1.8m gauge and a speed of 5m/s to 16m gauge and a speed of 20m/s.

Towing carriages for universities and educational institutes

We can build towing carriages for University and Educational Institutes that have small research facilities. These carriages are designed for towing tanks from 2 or 4 meters wide with a minimum length of 40m up to a maximum of approximately 60m. The carriages are designed to run at a maximum speed of 3m/s but can run up to 4 m/s depending on length of tank available.
This range of unmanned carriages, are light weight, highly rigid & robust platforms that allow a wide variety of equipment to be attached on them. 

Bespoke towing carriages
We will work with you to develop bespoke towing carriages to meet your precise requirements. 

Instrumentations for use with carriages
We offer a full range of instrumentation for use with existing carriages including resistance dynamometers, guiding arms, self-propulsion dynamometers, as well as carriage mounted Vertical Planar Motion Mechanisms (VPMM) and Horizontal Planar. 

Key features

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