Wave gauges / probes

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Wave probe case
Case configuration: 8 channels (wave gauges)
Output signals: EtherNET digital output comms cable network to data acquisition PC
0-5V via 16-wayIDC connector
Excitation frequency: 3kHz to 11kHz
Filter band width: -3dB at 20Hz
Supply voltage: 220 or 110V ±10% 40-60Hz
Case dimensions (mm): 130 x 185 x 55mm
Trigger function: +5V input signal trigger

Wave probes
Active working range: 300, 600, 900 mm
Probe diameter (300mm): 1.6mm
Probe diameter (600, 900mm): 6.0mm

Wave probe cables
Cable length supplied : 30m

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Wave gauge system - 8 channels Product number: HRWG-0106

The wave gauge system is a simple and reliable device for measuring rapidly changing water levels in physical models. When combined with our HR DAQ data acquisition and analysis software it provides a first rate method of measuring wave height in a flume or 3D basin.

Principle of operation
The wave probes operate by measuring the current that flows between two stainless steel wires that are immersed in water. This current is converted to an output voltage that is directly proportional to the immersed depth. The wave probe monitors are supplied in cases that can accommodate eight monitors. The case includes the power supply for the modules and is supplied with its own standard plug. The case also has connections for triggering and synchronising the data that is sent back to the PC and an analogue output.

The 8-channel wave gauge system comprises:

  • 8 wave probes to the selected length, calibration stem and mounting bracket assembly
  • 8 x 30m length of wave probe cable
  • 1 wave gauge case with 8 channels
  • power supply unit and standard 2m EtherNet cable.

By default, our system is supplied with 300mm wave probes, but other lengths are available to fit users' needs.

Our wave gauge system can also be supplied with a smaller number of wave gauges.

All components of our wave gauge system are available to purchase individually.

Key features

  • Extremely linear output
  • No hysterisis
  • Reliable, proven design
  • Easily calibrated
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