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Wavemaker for 3D basins Product number: HRWM-01

The multi-element wavemaker is used to create long and short crested waves for either deep or shallow water. 

Piston type wavemakers

HR Wallingford’s piston-type multi-element wavemakers are made up from a number of self contained eight-paddle modules. This enables them to be easily installed, moved to different positions within the basin and to be extended as required.

These wavemakers are predominantly used in shallow water applications of up to 1m depth.

Hinge type wavemakers

HR Wallingford also supplies wavemakers for deep water basins and towing tanks. These hinge type paddles are again supplied in modular frames, each with four paddles that are fixed to the inside of the basin. The design of the hinge wavemaker support frame is such that it can be incorporated into basins and towing tanks with a two point fixing system that allows the modules to be removed for periodic maintenance.

Paddle drive system

Paddle width varies from 0.5-0.75m depending upon the client’s requirements. All paddles are of a wet-back design which means that there are no complicated seals between paddles or the basin walls and the floor. The paddles are mounted on linear slide assemblies that are supported from a common framework for the piston paddles. This leaves all motors, bearings and precision components well above the water level.

For more information on each type of wavemakers, including the control system, design life and HR Wallingford's active wave absorption, please download the product brochure.

Custom-built and straightforward installation with on-going support and training 

Each wavemaker is custom-built to meet the client’s requirements and is equipped with HR Wallingford’s Active Wave Absorption System. Installation is straightforward with HR Wallingford providing commissioning, training and on-going support.

Key features

  • Generates short and long-crested random waves at normal and oblique angles using HR Merlin signal generation software
  • Dynamic Wave Absorption guarantees precise control of wave conditions
  • Wet-backed piston paddles ensure that performance is not limited by stroke for shallow water applications
  • Stainless steel and GRP construction delivers a design life in excess of 20 years
  • Digital AC servo motors provide precise control and rapid response
  • Wavemakers supplied in either 4 or 8 paddle modules for ease of installation
  • Easy to maintain with all bearings and precision components above water
  • Hinge flap wavemakers are available for deep water basins, designed for easy removal of modules for maintenance tasks
  • HR Wavemakers use HR Merlin wave generation software
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