Wavemaker for 2D flumes Product number: HRWM-02

Flume wavemakers are normally driven by AC electric servo motors. Very large wavemakers are hydraulically powered.

Flume wavemakers are based on a wet-back design for simplicity and ease of maintenance. All flume wavemakers have active wave absorption fitted as standard.

Electrically powered wavemakers

Piston type wavemakers 

For water depths up to 1.5 m the wavemaker is typically a piston type design where the paddle moves backwards and forwards horizontally. The advantage of this type of design is that the stroke is not generally limited, making the piston wavemaker ideal for producing solitary waves, absorbing reflected waves and compensating for long period set down phenomena. For deeper water applications, see our hinge flap type wavemakers below. 

Depending upon the width of the flume, the paddle is mounted underneath either one or two electric drive actuators.These actuators are suspended from a structure that spans the flume walls. Alternatively the structure can be free-standing if required. With this arrangement all the bearings and precision components are situated well above the water level.

 For more information on the actuators and how our wavemakers are powered and built, download the product brochure.

Hinge flap type wavemakers

This type of wavemaker is best suited to deeper water applications and is often used for ship towing tanks.

The wavemaker comprises a paddle that is hinged either on the bottom of the flume or on a raised supporting structure. The movement of the paddle is limited to approximately ±15 degrees to prevent wave distortion.
Again the design of this wavemaker ensures all of the drive actuation system is kept well above the water level with the use of a flexible belt and quadrant to drive the paddle. For wider flumes and towing tanks a dual actuator is used to achieve the required wave heights. The control system for the hinged flap wavemaker is the same as that for the piston type.

Hydraulically powered wavemakers

Hydraulically powered wavemakers are usually of the piston type. The largest wavemaker supplied by HR Wallingford to date was hydraulically powered and was for a flume 5m deep and 3m wide.

For more information on our flume wavemakers, including the control system, design live and HR Wallingford's Active Wave Absorption System, download the product brochure.

Custom-built and quick installation with on-going support and training 

Each wavemaker is custom-built to the client’s requirements and is equipped with HR Wallingford’s Active Wave Absorption System.

Installation is quick and straightforward with HR Wallingford providing commissioning, training and on-going support.

Key features

  • Generates long-crested random waves using HR Merlin signal generation software
  • Dynamic Wave Absorption guarantees precise control of wave conditions
  • Wet-backed piston paddle provides long stroke
  • Stainless steel and GRP construction delivers a design life in excess of 20 years
  • Digital AC servo motor provides precise control and rapid response
  • Easy to maintain with all bearings and precision components above water
  • Hinged flap wavemakers are available for deep water and hydraulically powered wavemakers are available for very large flumes.
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