Podded propeller dynamometer

Our podded propeller dynamometers measure thrust and torque of pod propulsion system models.

Our compact podded propeller dynamometers are mounted to precision gearboxes. Their design utilises a non-contact telemetry system to power and transmit signals from the strain-gauged integrated trust/torque measuring units. 

The end-user can install various pod model geometries around the gearbox and dynamometer to suit their model tests around. 

Product features
  • Compact podded propeller dynamometer with gearbox
  • Measurement of torque and thrust.
  • Model available for various facilities
  • Accuracy compliant with ITTC guidelines
  • Static calibration equipment designed specifically for equipment
H101, H105, H200

Supplementary equipment 

  • standard as well as customised propeller shafts 
  • self-propulsion and open water pod accessories 
  • shaft line encoders for mounting to the gearbox to measure the propeller speed and angle
  • other supplementary equipment. 

Designed for use in different facilities

In towing tanks, our podded dynamometers can be mounted for open water pod tests (in accordance with ITTC recommended procedures) or installed within a ship model to carry out pod self-propulsion tests. 

In cavitation tunnels or re-circulating water channels, our podded dynamometers can be mounted and fitted in the tunnels for open water testing as well as cavitation test, or installed in flooded models with hull interaction propeller testing as well as cavitation test and observation.

Podded propeller dynamometers
Product reference Torque (Q) Thurst (T) Propeller speed
H105-01 ±20 Nm ±400 N 2000 rpm
H105-10 ±10 Nm ±200 N 2000 rpm
H101-01 ±30 Nm ±600 N 2000 rpm
H200-10 ±40 Nm ±1000 N 3000 rpm