Water level float gauges

Our water level float gauges measure slowly changing water levels in physical models, typically in flumes or 3D basins. 

How do they operate?

Our water level float gauges use a float which moves up and down a displacement transducer to measure slowly changing water levels, typically in flumes or 3D basins. The water level is determined by accurately measuring the distance from the head of the transducer to the magnetic field produced by a magnet mounted inside the float. The advantage with this method, there is no contact, and therefore no friction, between the float and the transducer.

Product features
  • Excellent linearity
  • Versatile display unit
  • Easy to use
  • Rugged design
  • Non contacting
HRIA-1032 (300 mm), HRIA-1033 (600 mm), HRIA-1034 (900 mm), HRIA-1035 (1200 mm)

Digital display unit option

The user can choose to purchase their water level float gauges equipped with a digital display unit.  

The digital display unit is for use with individual gauges and transducers. It contains a digital panel meter, which has a 0-10V output and a serial RS 422/485 connection. A separate power supply unit allows the instrument to be used with either 110V AC or 220V AC supplies.

It is supplied with a case and 0 - 5V output.  

Digital display unit
Range 300, 600, 900 and 1200 mm (other lengths available on request)
Transducer diameter 10.5 mm
Float diameter 51 mm
Transducer and float material Stainless steel grade 304
Linearity 0.05%
Response time less than 1ms
Transducer supply 24V DC
Transducer output 0-10V DC
Cable length 5m (other lengths available on request)

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