High performance pressure sensors

The sensors are ideally suited for measuring pressures in physical models.

If you would like to measure

  • impact pressures on structures, choose high pressure sensors mounted with a flush diaphragm.
  • water depth and wave pressure under rubble mounds or pressure in pipes and other vessels, high pressure sensors threaded with a protective nose cone are better fit for these purposes.

We offer high pressure sensors with flush diaphragm or protective nose cone for 2m, 5m and 10m water gauges.

Product features
  • Covers depth and impact measurements
  • 17mm diameter sensor
  • Digital display
  • 0-5V output signal
HRIA-1036, HRIA-1037, HRIA-1038, HRIA-1039, HRIA-1040, HRIA-1041

Diaphragm and cables 

The all welded diaphragm and body are manufactured from 316 stainless steel.

The sensors are supplied with a 10m length of vented cable, which has an internal vent tube and strainer wire. Alternative cable lengths can be ordered on request.

A display unit with a digital panel meter for easy readings

Digital display unit option

You can choose to purchase your pressure sensors equipped with a digital display unit, which shows pressure in a range of parameters.

The digital display unit contains a digital panel meter, which has a 0-10V output and a serial RS 422/485 connection. A separate power supply unit, which allows the instrument to be used with either 110V AC or 220V AC supplies.

It is supplied with a case and 0 - 5V output.  

General specification
Full scale range 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200m WG
Max over pressure 25, 25, 30, 40, 70, 150, 300m WG
Resonant frequency in air 20kHZ
Combined non-linearity and hysteresis 0.25% full scale all ranges
Temperature effects 0.015% FS/°C over 0-50°C
Cable length 10m of vented cable as standard (different lengths available upon request)
HRIA-1036 2m water gauge. Threaded with nose cone
HRIA-1037 2m water gauge. Flush diaphragm
HRIA-1038 5m water gauge. Threaded with nose cone
HRIA-1039 5m water gauge. Flush diaphragm
HRIA-1040 >10m water gauge. Threaded with nose cone
HRIA-1041 10m water gauge. Flush diaphragm

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