Watertight propeller dynamometers

These model propulsion shaft line dynamometers are designed for measuring the thrust and torque of model propellers.

Watertight propeller dynamometers are suitable for: 

  • inner drive dynamometers in flooded surface vessels models;
  • underwater models mounted in the measuring section of a cavitation tunnel;
  • underwater model propulsion tests in towing tanks. 

Our propeller dynamometers use precision produced integrated thrust and torque measuring load-cell to our own designs that mechanical eliminate cross-talk, these are gauged by our highly skilled and experienced technicians. 

The load-cells are fitted and configured with full bridge strain gauges which allow a high precision measurement of the strain in the required force.

Product features
  • Water and pressure tight
  • Measurement of torque, thrust and speed
  • High accuracy compliant with ITTC guidelines 
  • Low-noise versions available
  • Accessories and drive systems available
R45, R46, R51, R58
Watertight propeller dynamometers
Product reference Torque (Q) Thurst (T) Max speed
R45 ±15 Nm ±400 N  3000 rpm
R46 ±40 Nm ±700 N  3000 rpm
R51 ±80 Nm  ±2.3 kN 4500 rpm
R58 ±150 Nm ±4.4 kN 3600 rpm