Digital point gauges

Our digital point gauges measure steady state water levels on physical models. 

Measuring steady state water levels on physical models is conventionally done by using a small point or hook which is manually adjusted to touch the water surface and then a reading is taken using a scale or vernier.

Our digital point gauge works in the same way but has a battery operated LCD display that makes it extremely easy to read. A quick release device allows fast positioning of the point to the water surface, and the final fine adjustment is made with a screw thread. The display reads directly in millimetres and can be set to zero at any position to allow relative measurements to be easily made.

Product features
  • Simple to use
  • Versatile display unit
  • Rugged design
  • Easy to read
HRIA-1028 (0-285 mm), HRIA-1029 (0-435 mm), HRIA-1030 (0-585 mm)
Range 0-285mm, 0-435mm, 0-585mm
Resolution 0.01 mm
Accuracy 0.05 mm

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