Bed profiling system

Our bed profiling system is used to assess the effect flowing water has on mobile sediment beds. It is available with a choice of probes to suit a wide range of applications.

Our bed profiling system is the result of much development work by HR Wallingford to meet the exacting requirements of hydraulic modellers and to ensure a high degree of reliability.

It utilises our traverse system to position the profiler in a 2D or 3D environment. 

Product features
  • utilises our traverse system to position the profiler in a 2D or 3D environment
  • operates both with and without water present
  • choice of laser or touch-sensitive probes
  • accuracy of ±0.5mm vertically and horizontally
  • positive non-slip drives
  • data stored in ASCII format
  • easy to install

Our instrument traverse system

Our instrument traverse system is used to move a range of physical modelling instrumentation to a variety of different positions within a flume or basin in either two or three dimensions.

The instruments are secured to the vertical axis of the system, using a variety of fixings. The vertical axis is attached to a carriage which moves along a fixed horizontal beam to allow positioning of the instruments anywhere within the flume or basin. The traverser can be controlled by a software application that logs the exact time-stamped position of the instruments to an accuracy of ±0.5mm in both vertical and horizontal axes. A stepper motor with an integral encoder is used to drive each axis into position along the carriage using a toothed belt arrangement.

Our Instrument Traverse Systems are individually designed for each application.  See Specification for an example of a typical specification.

Our instrument traverse system
Bed profiling system
Max beam spans 6 m (x-axis) and 6 m (y-axis)
Horizontal travel Beam length less 200 mm (to allow for carriage and end stops)
Beam deflection 0.5 mm with 4 m support centres
Horizontal velocity Up to 50 mm/s
Vertical velocity Up to 25 mm/s
Horizontal resolution ±0.5 mm
Vertical resolution ±0.5 mm
Touch probe: bed contact pressure 10g over 20 mm diameter
Laser probe: maintained height above bed 80 mm
Vertical travel 1 m 
Power supply 220 or 110V AC
Standard cable length 25 m
Instrument traverse system - example of specification
Horizontal beam (x-axis)  
Maximum overall length 6 m
Maximum travel 5.8 m
Maximum velocity 50 mm/s
Positional accuracy ±0.5 mm
Horizontal beam (y-axis)  
Overall length 4 m (dual motors required for lengths >2.0m)
Travel 3.8 m
Maximum velocity 50 mm/s
Positional accuracy ±0.5 mm
Vertical beam (z-axis)  
Travel 0.6 m or 1.2 m
Maximum velocity 25 mm/s
Positional accuracy ±0.5 mm
Lifted weight of instruments 5 kg
Supply voltage 220V AC or 110V AC

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