Wave gauge system

Our wave gauge system is simple and reliable for measuring wave height in a wave flume or tank.

When combined with our data acquisition and analysis software, HR DAQ, it provides a first rate method of measuring wave height in a 2D flume or 3D basin.

Our wave gauge system is suitable for use in:

  • 2D flume
    For this configuration, the wave probes are supplied with a mounting block allowing the calibration stem, that is fixed to the wave probe head, to be attached to any vertical surface.
  • 3D wave basin
    For basins, we have a selection of tripods for using 600 to 1200 mm wave probes. For shallow water up to 1 m depth, a smaller stand to fit 300 mm wave probes is available.
Product features
  • Extremely linear output
  • No hysterisis
  • Reliable, proven design
  • Easily calibrated
  • Longer distances from the data acquisition PC can be achieved by linking two wave probe cases together
  • Multiple wave probe cases can be used in the digital network to meet the desired number of wave probe channels
  • Data can be logged directly into a computer via the network link and analysed using HR DAQ software
Our wave gauge system includes:
  Items Description
Wave probes 300mm to 1200mm

8 x wave probes


Our system is supplied with 300 mm wave probes, other lengths are available on request. 

Each wave gauge channel requires a two core cable connecting the wave probe monitor to the wave probe.

Wave probe cable (30 m)

8 x wave probe cables

Each cable measures 30 m. It is terminated with connections to suit the wave probe monitor and wave probe.

1 x wave probe case for 8 channels

Multiple wave probe cases can be used in the digital network to meet the desired number of wave probe channels.

Our wave gauge system can be supplied with a smaller number of wave probes, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

  Power supply unit  
  Standard 2m EtherNet cable  

Wave probes

Each wave probe comprises two parallel stainless steel rods, each with a plastic head and foot. The wave probes operate by measuring the current that flows between the two rods immersed in water. This current is converted to an output voltage that is directly proportional to the immersed depth. The standard probe lengths are 300, 600 and 900 mm.

Visit our twin wire wave probes page for more information.  

Wave probe case

A wave probe case is supplied to accommodate up to eight monitors. This case contains all the necessary signal conditioning, together with an inbuilt analogue-to-digital output that allows the data to be saved directly to a data acquisition PC.

The case is supplied with its own standard plug and power supply for the modules.

If you need to use more than eight probes at the same time, then multiple cases can be linked together so requiring only one computer for configuration.  

HR DAQ software

Our wave gauge system can be connected to a computer to collect data. This data can also be analysed using HR DAQ for analysis +/- 10V dc analogue output available for use with other data acquisition systems. 

Wave probe case
Case configuration 8 channels (wave gauges)
Output signals EtherNET digital output comms cable network to data acquisition PC 
0-5 V via 16-wayIDC connector
Excitation frequency 3 kHz to 11 kHz
Filter band width -3 dB at 2 0Hz
Supply voltage 220 or 110 V ±10% 40-60 Hz
Case dimensions (mm) 130 x 185 x 55 mm
Trigger function +5 V input signal trigger
Wave probes
Active working range 300, 600, 900 mm
Probe diameter (300 mm) 1.6 mm
Probe diameter (600, 900 mm) 6.0 mm
Wave probe cable length supplied 30 m

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